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“Quranflash” had started in February 2007 as a simple microsite displaying the Holy Quran (Medina layout), in a very interactive way. The project had taken approximately 2 months of work to be accomplished by a few volunteers. The idea behind Quranflash came from a project developed and managed by the same members, Flash-eBook is an online service which digitizes books and displays them in a very attractive and easily interactive way, using flash technology. Quranflash was initially a demo for large scale applications using Flash-eBook.

However, Quranflash had opened people’s hearts and became a popular method of reading Quran, receiving unexpected numbers of over 10 thousand visitors daily. Therefore a decision was made to renovate the website design-wise as well as function-wise, especially incorporating the option of selecting among different Quran books to read. It is worth noting here to our fellow non-Muslims that there is only one version of the Quran, but the different books here represent different styles of writing to enhance the reading, understanding, and/or memorization process. This renovation has taken approximately 4 months, and through Allah’s will, was completed by the end of August 2007.

Among the main features that have been added to the website are the following:

  • Increasing the page sizes to make reading easier
  • Rescanning pages of the Quran more precisely to include side information such as page and chapter numbering, as well as chapter names
  • Ability to magnify an area of the page using the magnifying glass
  • Ability to bookmark up to 8 pages from each book
  • Option to select between different books (such as Quran with tajweed, interpretations, etc)
  • Ability to control the pages’ quality and hence downloading speed
  • Ability to change the background image to suit the reader
  • Ability to jump to the supplication page of the Quran
  • Ability to close each book
  • Ability to navigate the Quran using the directional buttons of the keyboard

The work seen throughout this website has been accomplished by individual efforts, and not through any kind of organization or committee. The website may be used freely for personal benefit without the need for any kind of online registration. Soon we (the team behind this website) will start with the third version of quranflash which will include voice recitations synchronized with the pages, as well as many other features.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that that the entire contents of this website have been developed using original commerically-licensed software, fully paid for. And we (the team) fully reject the usage of cracked / pirated software, that we would like to entitle as “stolen” software, and this rejection comes from a religious perspective as much as from an ethical humane perspective.

There are two main goals of this website:

1) To demonstrate the importance of life sciences and technology in the life of Muslims and that it may equalize religious sciences in importance if the intention is purified. This website is an invitation to read and learn life sciences that have a positive contribution (directly or indirectly) in the community then applying this knowledge whenever necessary.

2) To show the importance of beauty in displaying information, and its positive impact in attracting viewers and opening their hearts, just like the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said “God is beautiful and loves beauty”. Ofcourse this is equivalent to paying attention to the external appearance of a Muslim since it gives a positive impact on others.

We are in need of volunteers (may Allah reward them) to advertise quranflash between their friends and sites. Advertisement images of various dimensions may be used from this link.

We ask everyone who has found this work impressive and beneficial to pray for those who contributed to this website that they maintian the sincerety in their hearts entirely towards Allah and that Allah accepts this work and makes it a reason for the guidance of others.

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