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VNCed  Updated 2011-06-28

VNCed allows admins and teachers to monitor multiple workstations at the same time using VNC. There are a number of other VNC releated downloads available including MSI Creators/Installers for UltraVNC, Win32 version of RFBProxy and pyvnc2swf-py2exe


F4L  Updated 2005-12-21

F4L is an open source development environment for Macromedia Flash, a multi-platform format(swf/svg) widely used for web applications and vector animation. Basically, you can make interactive eye candy for your web site or any other purpose while maintai


QFlash – Flash maker  Updated 2005-07-16

QFlash is a c++ open source IDE to create flash (swf) animation files. It uses ming and qt libraries.


RetroCode  Updated 2009-03-27

RetroCode(tm) is a universal mobile content converter. RetroCode(tm) is able to read and write most common sample based ringtone formats including meta-data. Formats: SMAF (MA2,MA3,MA5,MA7), RMF, MFM, CMX, QCP, AMR (NB,WB), AAC, MP3, OGG, SWF, RA, WAV


QPdf2Swf  Updated 2006-11-06

QPdf2Swf is a GUI (graphical user interface) written in Qt4 for pdf2swf ( ), a pdf to swf converter.


embedia  Updated 2010-08-02

embedia supports media plugins and media players that support wmv, wma, divx, midi, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf, asx, swf, flv, dcr, dir, mov, mp4, ram, rv, rpm, ra, mp3, playlist files (RSS, Atom, XSPF) extensions to name a few. embedia does not break your page

embedia Mambot for MiaCMS (Mambo, Joomla 1.0.x)

Flirt Flash Runtime  Updated 2006-01-22

Flirt is an open source (BSD license) Flash runtime. It aims for portability, ease of use, and a complete SWF 6 implementation. Our goal is to provide a tool to allow developers to create GUIs in Flash and extend the actionscript runtime with native code


svg2swf  Updated 2009-04-11

svg2swf is an SVG to Flash SWF converter. It is written in C and uses libsvg to parse the SVG document and libming to generate the SWF file.

ScriptSWF  Updated 2009-03-08

A C and C++ Library + a compiler to create Adobe Flash SWF movies up to version 9 (v1.8.1). Supports nearly all the tags, includes an ActionScript compiler. Detailed docs and other tools: convert fonts to Flash, decompile Flash, jpg2swf. LASTEST IS 1.8.4


Image converter – JPG2SWF  Updated 2003-10-13

Image Manipulation PHP scripts. Create SWF images from uploaded pictures, Create JPG thumbnails, Create SWF thumbnails. Script require MING and GD2 library. Also includes an Online JPG to SWF converter with preloader.


openswf  Updated 2010-10-21

support swf file decode, play. swf spec version: 10 please get the project file from svn, or get tar ball.


Tubesock – GTK SWF Player  Updated 2002-07-20

GTK SWF Player. GNOME Applications and a mozilla plugin. Other things included is a library for reading swf files, swf2txt convert swf to text files.


Spalah Flash  Updated 2006-02-08

Spalah Flash is a GTK2/GNOME2 based project for generate Macromedia SWF and W3C SVG animation for Linux.


SwfDestructor  Updated 2010-09-25

Console application for extracting parts of .swf (Flash) files. The application exports pictures from .swf content to single files of appropriate type. Multiplatform, Written in C++.


gAnim8 – Animation and Video Suite  Updated 2003-02-17

gAnim8 is a full suite of tools for building and manipulating animated GIFs & small videos in a Gtk/Gnome environment. Easily create, edit, or preview animated GIFs or videos (MPG, AVI/ASF, WMV, SWF, RM, MOV, M4V), or record videos and take screenshots.


SWF file obfuscator  Updated 2001-12-30

Modify the variable/object/function/method names within a compiled swf to make it almost impossible to read. flmObf DOES NOT STOP DECOMILATION, it merely makes the decompiled code harder to understand!


Zoro  Updated 2003-11-14

Graphic Engine use script language to generate images or swf flash files


SWF Authoring  Updated 2001-06-18

SWF Authoring is devoted to programs that might be useful for the creating of SWF (Macromedia Flash) format files. Currently, the project includes only xml2swf, an utility which allows you to create Flash files from HTML-like instructions.



Proyecto bajo Licencia GNU para crear un sistema de gráficas dinámicas completamente personalizable para la integración web con ActionScript y Flash. Usando flashvars los usuarios podrán modificar el archivo swf y usarlo libremente en sus webs.

Gravel  Updated 2001-07-17

A suite of libraries to parse, manipulate, generate and convert between various vector based animation file formats such as SWF, SVG and later formats like MNG.


SWF Font Editor  Updated 2004-08-26

This is a font editor for Swecoin Printer font files, which carry the extension SWF. This is not to be confused with Shockwave files, which also carry the SWF extension. A simple editor is provided with Open and Save abilities, font guidelines and more.


Flasm – a Flash bytecode assembler

Flasm is an assembler/disassembler for Flash actionscript bytecode. Using flasm, script authors may learn how actionscript compiler and Flash Player virtual machine work, and tweak the compiled bytecode in SWF files for performance.

Ming-Sharp  Updated 2002-10-15

Ming-Sharp is a wrapper which wraps Ming objects in C# objects. It’s open-source (LGPL) library which allows you to create SWF (“Flash”) format movies. Ming-Sharp supports almost all of Flash 4’s features, including: shapes, gradients, bitmaps, etc



An Python-based ActionScript editor with built-in capabilities for generating SWF files via Ming.

GPL SWF Authoring Software

Geesas is your Freedom in a Flash. Geesas (or GPL SWF Authoring Software) is an initiative to create an SWF Authoring Free Software.

Asterisk Video Resources

Video Applications for Asterisk (libh43m, app_h324m, app_mp4, app_rtsp, app_transcode, app_swf) H324m stack, mp4 record and playblack, rtsp support, video transcoding and swf file playback.


Swf Scapel is a tool manipulating Macromedia Flash file. It supports flash version upto version 8 and corresponding flashlite swf file format. It can export/import resources, step-play and support script to perform content test on swf file.

Mobile Graphic Library

It is a platform independent 2D graphic library, which provide a easy way to render your 2D vector graphic data, such as SVG and SWF.


vnc2swf is a screen recording tool for Macromedia Shockwave Flash (SWF) format.


“Yet Another Videocast” is a podcast- and moblog-generator that receives media via mail or page uploads an coverts them to different formats using ffmpeg and generates the XML/HTML/SWF etc. to display the movies on a webpage/mobile/etc.

Mobile Open Graphic Library(m-openGL)

m-OpenGL is a 2D graphic rendering engine for mobile device. It provide esay interfaces to render SWF and SVG.

SWF2SVG Converter

This project is designed to create a converter that converts Macromedia SWF graphics into their equivalents in W3C’s open standard, SVG format.


Project that develops a swf multimedia development environment and a swf plugin for Mozilla.

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