Split and Join the files in Ubuntu

Split and Join the files in Ubuntu

When we download a big file, like a movie, that movie would have been uploaded as number of files. e.g., filename.flv.001, filename.flv.002 etc.,
To join these files in Ubuntu, there are two ways. One is the direct way. The other way is using ‘lxsplit’.
Direct Way:
Keep your downloaded files in the ‘home’ directory. Then open the terminal and execute,
 cat file.flv.001 file.flv.002 file.flv.003 > file.flv
That’s all. 🙂
Using lxsplit:
First install, ‘lxsplit’ from, ‘Ubuntu Software Center’. Then,

To join – execute,   lxsplit -j filename.flv.001

To split a big file – execute,   lxsplit -s filename.flv 80M

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