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Chemistry Paper-1:

Physical Chemistry (8th Ed) by Atkins:

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Solution manual to 8th Edition: Atkins


Physical Chemistry (3rd Ed): Castellan

Physical Chemistry: Robert G. Mortimer

 Physical Chemistry of Surfaces (6th Ed): Arthur W. Adamson

Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals and Applications (2nd Ed): Bard and Faulkner

Vogel’s Textbook of Quantitative Chemical Analysis (5th Ed)

Inorganic Chemistry: Meissler and Tarr

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3rd Edition): Cotton and Wilkinson

Inorganic Chemistry,Principles of Structure & Reactivity(4th Ed): Huheey

Huheey Part1

Huheey Part2

Huheey Part3


Chemistry Paper-2

1. Advanced Organic Chemistry Part A – Structure and Mechanisms, 5th Ed (2007): Carey & Sundberg–Advanced_Organic_Chemistry_A.pdf

2. Advanced Organic Chemistry, Part B: Reaction and Synthesis, 5th Ed (2007): Carey & Sundberg–Advanced_Organ.htm

3. Advanced Organic Chemistry (Reaction Mechanisms): Buckner

4. Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure (6th Ed): Jerry March

5. Solution manual to Organic Chemistry :Clayden

6. Mechanism and Theory in Organic Chemistry (3rd Edition): Lowry and Richardson

7. Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems in Organic Chemistry

8. Organic Chemistry: Hornback

9. Student Solutions Manual & Study Guide for Organic Chemistry (2nd Ed): Hornback

10. Organic Chemistry: An Intermediate Text, Hoffman

11. Organic Chemistry by: Francis A. Carey

12. Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry by: Robert C. Atkins, Francis A Carey, Robert Atkins, Francis Carey

13. Organic Chemistry: McMurry

14. Study Guide with Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry (7th Ed): McMurry

for this solution manual the Pdf file is not available in the web but its torrent is available in the web and the torrent file link is as given below:

15. Organic Chemistry (4th Ed): P.Y. Bruice

16. Study Guide with Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry (4th Ed): P.Y.Bruice

17. A Guidebook to Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry: Peter Sykes

18. Organic Chemistry: Morrison and Boyed

19. Polymer Chemistry: Odian

20. Introduction to Spectroscopy: Pavia

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