Inkscape: Guide to a Vector Drawing Program

Berikut ini diberikan tutorial singkat Inkscape yang ditulis oleh komunitas:

Table of Contents


A bucketful of SVG examples

Example 1: Bézier flotation device with nondeterministic landscape

Example 2: Equidistant positioning points along a Bézier curve 

Example 3: Simple animation (code:  only 38 lines of markup and no script)

Example 4: Use of gradients and patterns

Example 5: Intersecting ClipPaths

Example 6: Animated text crawling along a a Bézier curve

Example 7: Animated reflected gradients with transparency 

Example 8: Clock with impressionist tinge

Example 9: Using a filter to create pond ripples over an image

Example 10: Using <replicate> to simulate Digital Elevation Maps

Example 11: Non-affine cobblestones

Example 12: Triangular tiling

Example 13: A web application for drawing graphs (networks)

Example 14: Simulating ad hoc mobile networks 

Example 15: Zooming in on a <pattern> in a <pattern>

Example 16: Using multiple path subcommands to represent overpasses and underpasses: 

Example 17: Filling the browser with changing hexagonal gradients. 

Example 18: Rotating barber pole 

Example 19: Fancy filters: wild fire 

Example 20: Semantic proximities with AJAX and server-side lookups 

Example 21: Worms

Example 22: Morphing between random polygons

Example 23:Distortion of image affected by mouse 

self-describing examples

  1. Starflake expressway
  2. Sunrise in Tokyo
  3. flame
  4. fried egg billiards
  5. SVG drawing package
  6. Hundreds of examples from Dailey(

ASV-only, but nice:

  1. Non-linear gradients
  2. Scrambling an image with a cyphertext

Special collections:

  1.  Dynamic document creation
  2. Replicate for rich gradients and 3D effects
  3. Textures
  4. Text Effects
  5. Pushing the Edges